Binar Prospector is a geophysical survey mission to identify lunar resources from orbit. It is a collaboration between Curtin University, Sitael, and Fugro.

The Binar Prospector mission will consist of two 6U lunar orbiters. The spacecraft will host a thermal IR imaging camera, and a magnetometer: payloads designed to deliver a deeper understanding of the geology of the Moon, identify mineralization, and localised accessible ice deposits. To obtain high resolution data the spacecraft will make extremely low (20km) altitude passes over the lunar surface, delivering a magnetic survey x10 current resolution over targets of interest.

Binar Prospector will take advantage of the new opportunity for rideshare to the Moon, and leverage the real potential of cubesats: doing one job well in an environment that is not optimal for larger spacecraft. The mission will validate an interplanetary-class small spacecraft platform that can be a workhorse for future Australian missions. And it will explore the potential of a radically new mission architecture, focusing on low-altitude data acquisition using inexpensive spacecraft.

Binar Prospector delivers against all objectives of the Moon to Mars initiative for the Australian Space Agency. It will grow the capability and capacity of the Australian space sector, whilst also contributing to international efforts to return to the Moon. It will demonstrate to our young student scientists and engineers that the sky is not the limit, and inspire the next generation of Australians to reach for the stars.



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